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Thanks to a benevolent climate and a excellent transport connection, golf is emerging as a key segment of the tourism industry in the province of Malaga, positioning itself as the first in importance throughout the autonomous community of Andalusia, this being at the same time, the Spanish community, with the largest number of golf courses in the country.

Recognizing its strategic importance, the University of Malaga in agreement with the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation, has proceeded to the creation of the Golf Tourism Chair at the Faculty of Tourism, backing this type of leisure that it is projected in the present and the future as a dynamic engine for the economy, the labor market and society.


Chair director

Vice-Dean of Practice and Business Cooperation of the Faculty of Tourism. Manageress of several courses of specialisation and postgraduate in tourism. Senior Lecturer at the University of Málaga (Department of Economics and Business Administration). PhD of Administration and Business Management has led and participated in numerous national projects and international projects, especially in innovation

Excecutive board

  • On behalf of the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Malaga:
  • On behalf of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation:
    • Miguel Navarro Álvarez. General Secretary and Manager of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation.
    • Luis Navarro Álvarez. President of the Trade Committee of Golf courses and president of the Promotion Committee of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation.

The collaboration between the University of Malaga through the Faculty of Tourism and the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation, is the best guarantee for the success of the project, ensuring the smooth and reciprocal communication between academic work and business, social, economic and cultural projection.

The creation of this Chair is aimed at the generation and promotion of analysis, discussion, dissemination, environment and academic research on business opportunities, new challenges and realities of Golf Tourism, as well as its future prospects. For its correct functioning within the framework of the agreement between the University of Malaga and the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation, a directive commission has been formed composed of two representatives of each of the institutions:

To achieve the success of this synergy between this academic and business environment, the following objectives and actions are defined:

  • Contribute to the development of new methods and analysis tools aimed at studying the golf course, and its special relationship with innovation.
  • Perform consulting activities that promote business innovation.
  • Organization of journeys, courses, seminars, conferences and other events of academic, scientific or business interest at national or international level on golf.
  • Organization of studies and empirical work in the field of golf.
  • Carry out surveillance and competitive intelligence actions in the area of leadership and management of golf courses and other related themes.
  • Promote training activities at an occupational level, university degree and postgraduate course (online and onsite), and develop and implement educational innovative techniques related to golf.
  • To contribute to the formation and student exchange of UMA students with other national or international universities through practical work and other specific mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of experiences, information and knowledge between the parties involved.
  • Publication of the results obtained and their divulgation to all the scientific and business community through the media available by universities or other public or private institutions.
  • To promote, advise and assist in the elaboration and design of actions and measures of all kinds within the golf field.Promote and encourage all types of analysis and relations with various disciplines such as economics, psychology, physical education, law, languages, engineering, health or any other allowing progress in the research that the Chair boost.

To achieve these objectives, the complementary activities of the “Chair” are as follows:

  1. The granting of scholarships, according to extraordinary budget to carry out studies and research that allows the development of dissertations, investigations and documents that contribute to fulfilling the objectives of the Chair.
  2. Call for a prize for the best initiative, report or publication within the scope of golf.
  3. Conducting journals, proceedings, seminars, roundtables and conferences.
  4. The publication of documents.
  5. The creation and formation of their own research groups.
  6. The formalization of networks and lines of collaboration with other entities or institutions pursuing similar goals to those of the chair.
  7. Any other activity that, in relation to the objectives of the Chair, the Director or Directive Commission may be appropriate in an ordinary or extraordinary route.

Real Federación Andaluz de Golf


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