Specialization Diploma

Price: 1.110 € Semester: from 21/10/2016 to 28/02/2017 Taught in: Faculty of Tourism at the University of Málaga
Places available: 25 Registration period: from 1/09/2016 to 17/10/2016 Timetable: Friday from 16 pm to 20 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 14 pm


This course offers a full academic and professional program which enables to acquire the necessary skills to lead and manage a golf course efficiently.

The Program:

1: Introduction to the world of golf.

History and the beginnings of golf. Types of fields and playing surface. Bats and ball. Games for holes, stroke play and other forms of gambling. The rules of the game. Player Responsibilities: order of the game, teeing …

2: Golf tourism.

Tourism sector and its peculiarities. Golf tourism and its impact. Golf tourism market at international, national and local level: Suppliers and demanders, SWOT analysis of the Costa del Sol as a tourist destination of golf.

3: The business of golf.

Commercial golf courses and clubs. Governing bodies. functional areas and business centers. Structure and job descriptions. Continuous improvement processes: Quality Environmental Certifications and prevention of occupational hazards. Marketing, positioning and network management. Professional skills: teamwork and good practices.

4: Operational areas and functions on a golf course.

4-A: Caddie Master. Functions and tasks. Control sheets. Statistics. Logbook. Book an hour to play. Rules for members and / or visitors. Departure time. Rates. Guests. Cash Closure. Tasks and processes with computer assistance. Handicap rules. Information system (yes).

4-B: Starter and Marshalls. Functions and tasks. Tee waiting list 1. List of players. Control sheets. Daily work plan and incidents sheet. Cars and trucks. Basic rules of golf and courtesy. Give and ask step. Dress code. Forced interruption of the game. Mobile Phones YES.

4-C: Golf sticks room. Functions and tasks. Action manual. Control sheets. Golf cars. Electric cars. Club bags. Other materials and elements. Legal responsable. Schedules.

4-D: Practice field. Functions and tasks. Control sheets. Hours of operation. basic machinery. Practice balls. Mats practices. Objectives in the practice court. Other elements. Putting green and chipping green. Org and operation of the school.

4-E: Coordination and organization of events. Internal Org. Slotting. Planning Control Sheets. Conformation of the prize. Org prize and field preparation. Local Rules. Timesheets. Awards ceremony. Org specific events. Set-up of the field in competitions. Ethics in golf.

4-F: Maintenance essentials. Coord with Greenkeeper. Incidents publications. Frost and bad weather. Bunkers Piques and chops. Demarcations and control lines.

5: External practices in different areas of the golf course.

6: Final dregree project.

For more information about this degree, click on the following link: 3rd SPECIALIZATION DIPLOMA IN DIRECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF GOLF COURSES.